Eclipse – Mysteries – Heading into the Darkness to Find Light

Caroline hosts fellow KPFA team-mate, and author of Palestine Mystery Series, Kate Jessica Raphael – whose 2nd novel “Murder Under the Fig Tree” is a splendid deep delving noir into the complexity of the middle east, with a trust-worthy narrator.

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Kate Raphael


  1. Geraldine Finegan says:

    Folks I tried to listen earlier got some other show, “A Rude Awakening.” Trying to listen to Visionary Activist Show on top of back audio of some other show. Sigh. a Fan.

    • Eryn Alloway says:

      Hi Geraldine!

      I’m getting the right show using the audio above – I’ll send it over to you too.

      Eryn @ Coyote Network News

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