Diving into the Dark Underworld, Animating Community


Caroline welcomes spicy, deep-delving Shambhavi Sarasvati
Diving into the Dark Underworld where our souls can speak more deeply to us.

Tyranny seeks to destroy Community,
then creates the toxic mimic,
which be a cult….
that must have conflict and cruelty on which to feed….

So we animate Community arising from the Earth, across all borders….
Community be dedicated to collective well-being- democracy- equal rights
a cult be a prison…..

wonder and responsive augury conversing.

this ongoing crisis of cruel carnage – reminds us to practice everything we hold dear, & invite in power to resolve.

Shambhavi is the spiritual director of Jaya Kula. Her principle training is in the View and practices of Trika Shaivism (a.k.a. Kashmir Shaivism or Shaiva Tantra) and the Dzogchen tradition of Tibet. Shambhavi emphasizes direct encounters with the wisdom of the heart through the more explicitly devotional teachings and practices of Trika Shaivism and Dzogchen. At one time, Shambhavi taught at Northwestern University. She left academia in 2004 in order to devote herself to practice, writing and teaching in her spiritual tradition. Shambhavi is the author of The Reality Sutras: Seeking the Heart of Trika Shaivism (2018), Nine Poisons, Nine Medicines, Nine Fruits (2017), The Play of Awakening: Adventures in Direct Realization Tantra (2012), Pilgrims to Opennness: Direct Realization Tantra in Everyday Life (2009), Returning (2015), and No Retreat: Poems on the Way to Waking Up (2016). In addition, she published an academic book, Avatar Bodies: a Tantra for Posthumanism. She holds an MFA in Fiction from Mills College and a Ph.D. in Modern Thought and Literature from Stanford University.


timemedicine.org (a project of Jaya Kula)

kindred108.love (articles)

and her recent article, her shared last week: Mourning the victims of the cult of Israel


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