Democratic Animism – Let all natural facts be social strategy metaphors

James StarkFull Moon Taurus-Scorpio
(occurring 2:23 pm pst, during show – woohoo)

Caroline hosts long-time ally of all life, James Stark,
at this mega commerce between worlds moment, when dedicated acts of designed beauty invite power into the world.
We invite invite power and offer a sensual incarnational template to be animated,

“James Stark, is the co-director of the Regenerative Design Institute at Commonweal (RDI). He co-founded and currently co-directs the Ecology of Leadership and the Ecology of Awakening programs which prepare community leaders for the “Great Turning” of our era. James has committed his life to exploring how we…move into harmony with… the natural world.”

Visionary Activist Show – 11-06-2014

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