Dark of Moon Council

Pat EwingCaroline welcomes Patricia Ewing at our Dark of Moon Council, where we compost conniption fits and harumphitude, transform anger into desire, and derive our strategy from Aikido’s Art of Peace

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Patricia Ewing


  1. Hi Caroline.

    Love your show on KPFA on Thursdays! Question: I’m sending family and friends the info you and your guest talked about this past week, on 01.26.2017. But 1) the phone number I wrote down for leaving a message at Trump Towers was an energy company. ;( Could you please send me the correct number? And 2) The individualguide.com site is down. ;(

    Thank you again for your weekly show. I’m always uplifted and/or amused and I learn something valuable each time. Big hugs to you and Stella Coyote. Many blessings to you both!

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