Dark o Moon Dark o Year

As the Mythic is suffusing incarnational actuality, Caroline welcomes the return of Sophie Strand, author of “The Flowering Wand – re-wilding the Sacred Masculine.” “Put down the sword, and pick up the wand!” for on-going Solstice Magic.

Sophie Strand is a poet, writer who syncretizes her vast Sagittarian Inquiry, collages, spiralling forth, like her beloved mushroom spores, into increasing cultural receptivity;
teasing all into pertinence to now. What does, and shall, our culture encourage in Mars? Liberating Mars – setting free, and discerning those  intrinsic qualities that we most need now.


On-going Solstice, what would we like to toss into the Solstice transformational composting cauldron, to become nutrient for what? that we spiral forth into the world as liberating blessing?


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“Dark o Moon Dark o Year”

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