Cultivating Strategies for Now

Caroline hosts learned Druid John Michael Greer,
that we may discern the metaphysical, political, cultural strategy for now.


John Michael Greer is a widely respected author and blogger in the fields of nature spirituality, the environment, occult topics, and the future of industrial society. He is the author of over fifty books and writes regularly on his blog, Ecosophia.


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“Cultivating Strategies for Now”

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  1. Love Caroline says

    John Michael Greer was cringeworthy because he was dripping White Privilege. He says he doesn’t follow certain elections (Beto ?!, really does he not know who Beto is) doesn’t watch visual media’ => he has the luxury not ‘reacting’ because he is not of the population that is being attacked by Trump policies. He can ignore, what a luxury! I was disappointed that you didn’t call him out. He sounded clueless and complicit…”the political parties do the same, all money influences elections, we need to look at ourselves”…yikes. He appreciates Trumps techniques and strategies far too much. And you are a Queen, thank you.

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