Citizen Trickster as Keeper of Democracy

Citizen Trickster as Keeper of Democracy: Caroline welcomes the return of long-time political*spiritual strategist ally, Patricia Ewing, as the Sun enters Aquarius, and we are all called to cultivate the qualities of being a good Planetary Citizen…
that we may gather our wits, settle our souls, in order to align with the Phoenix’s song that re-minds us all of what’s really important, Mutual Aid, symbiosis, Ingenious altruism, applied kindness. Saturn realms of Infrastructure, and leadership  dedicated to collective well-being
that we may be un-snookerable, agents of spiraling out of polarity (because the dementors feed on opposition, rage, conflict…) And If all war is a failure of imagination – then – all dynamic peace is a triumph of Imagination…

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“Citizen Trickster as Keeper of Democracy”

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