Chaos Magick and Power

Trump as having been willed into office by a dangerous tradition of Chaos Magick…
Caroline welcomes Gary Lachman, author of many books on the links between consciousness and cultural magic, whose latest book (essential to understanding and redressing our dangerous predicament) is “Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump.”


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“Chaos Magick and Power”

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  1. I see the pattern of Soul development embedded in the pattern of human physiological and psychological development. From this view I see all human institutions ie; religion, government, schooling, media, economic systems and so forth as pseudo parents for our child and adolescent phases of development as a species. In our short physical lives we experience and express our developmental process from seed, to seedling, to young robust arboreal beauty and into our elder-hood as great holders of experience and sentience and witnessing. We see how, if we live long enough, we fulfill all these phases and spiral back into our ancientness with new eyes, born of reincanative experience. We spiral into our adulthood, our adepthood and our multi-domain natures. We flesh out the kinship in ways yet beyond our imaginings.. I’m open to that. As we come out of our adolescent phase as a species, we no longer need the pseudo parent structures and so they crumble and with them , the veil of hierarchy and outside authority comes down. It’s coming down naturally as we come into our sovereign state as free creative beings living in cooperation. It’s the obvious apocalypse. Apocalypse means, the veil coming down, the great revealing. Chaos is ever present, we are just seeing more of it now because, the facade of order through control is coming down. Trump is the epitome of mass addiction to arrogance, self righteousness and the delusion of control. You can through avarice in there too. He represents our break with “practice adulthood”, our initiation phase and our natural development into intentional creating with free and lively cooperation, consideration, humble witnessing and powerful reflecting as we emerge into our openly reciprocating and balanced nature. We have yet to see our nature friends as well as our “invisible” friends because we’ve all been seeing through warped and lopsided lenses. I believe your work is a sign of the the mythic, the mystic and the animistic, rising again, refreshed and ready to greet or coming of age humanity. We’re coming into a leaderless time, a time of harmony between free creative beings. We’re returning to our divine ways of creating with meaning, context and narrative. We’re reuniting with our story telling aspects and boy do we have skills, and an increased reach for expression as the harvest of all of our adolescent venturings in the eons of our soul development distill upon us. Anywho, so much to see and say. One last thought, since entropy is a tendency to go into disorder then absolute entropy would indicate that, no further disorder can be attained. It follows that absolute entropy is the same as absolute order because both states designate zero capacity to decay or become less orderly. Chaos can be a synonym for disorder, for deep entropy As I see it, We are growing awake and I’m glad to be involved, I’m happy to be here. Woof!.

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