Bodhisattva Coyote’s Alchemical Aikido Guide

Caroline & David Grimes Onstage at Bioneers

Caroline sets the stage briefly and then plays a portion of “Bodhisattva Coyote’s Alchemical Aikido Guide to Our Dangerous Beautiful Assignment” – Rousing talk presented live to a full house at the Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, California on October 20th, 2017. Invoking Hue Hue Coyotzin (“ancient revered coyote”) and the spirit of Scheherazade to unleash a host of liberating trickster genies to help us partner with nature’s evolutionary genius, play our role in destiny, and save the world. (With songs contributed by Bardic Bre’r, David Lynn Grimes.)

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Bioneers ’17 (Radio)

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