Big Miraculous Dream Blessings

Caroline hosts Jupiter and Neptune in the guise of NY Times headline, Carol Hoover, and Sarah James, Gwich’in elder, both indefatigable protectors of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -“the place where all live begins,” as it is now, as the caribou are making their way back to Sarah now…

Sarah James

Gwich’in edler, Sarah James embodies dynamic dedication and kinship to the land. For over 30 years Sarah has been speaking with fierce lucidity about global warming – and the sociopathic folly of drilling. She has been honored for her work, including being awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2002, together with Jonathon Solomon and Norma Kassi, for their work to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from plans of oil exploration and drilling. Oil and gas exploration would disturb the life cycle of the Porcupine caribou, which has been a foundation for the Gwich’in culture since approximately 18,000 BCE.


Carol Hoover, Co-founder/Board Member and Treasurer of the Eyak Rainforest Preservation Fund – Eyak Preservation Council with Dune Lankard. Dune now is focused on the native Conservancy – back on the water, growing restorative kelps – focusing on Food security and sovereignty for Alaska tribes all over the state of Alaska.

Carol Hoover

The EPC organization has had tangible and long-lasting successes in preserving wild salmon habitat, preserving and revitalizing the Eyak language and in spreading awareness and education to thousands of people through various programs, communications and activities about the sensitive and threatened wild salmon way of life in the Copper River Delta and Prince William Sound watersheds of Alaska. EPC, a Native-led organization, has utilized its strategic organizing abilities over the last three (3) decades and helped to permanently protect one million acres of rainforest, halt numerous irreversible and destructive development projects and preserve the ancestral Eyak homelands in the Copper River Delta region. 

Carol also is the Founder/Creative Director of Trio Now, and helped to produce, with Sarah James, a 4-month Gwich’in Arctic Refuge presence called “Drum Sing Dance for the Arctic Refuge” outside of the National Museum of the American Indian. Trio Now is now becoming a concept driven consultancy with the goal is to work with projects and clients that deliver successful results and show a great respect for human rights, social justice and sustainable solutions.
Eyak Preservation Council:
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