Betting on Beauty radio!

In the Cloud forest of the Sierra Mazateca

Caroline welcomes the return of Michael Stuart Ani, as Liberating Beauty and Imprisoning Cruelty are neck & neck.

We’re betting on Beauty! Which requires us all to forge alliances with what we love, by becoming more like what we love, to protect as much life as possible.

Become more like water – adapt the strategy of water, to protect water. Becoming more like wolves, becoming more like Indigenous stewards of the Amazon (and everywhere), offer ourselves as dedicated agents and partners of Liberating Trickster, who be bowing down and woofing at us – dangerous-in a good way- “Woof*Woof*wanna*Play?! Uranus conjoins the Moon in her exaltation in Taurus (Democratic animism! Plant sacraments! animal allies!), sextile, creative opportunity, to Sun in Big Mama’s sign of Cancer. And tis wheel and deal time, as Michael guides… For every gift, we reciprocate, by giving back. That our rogue species have manners!


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