Beauty v Cruelty ~ We’re betting on Beauty

Joel & Ellen

Caroline welcomes from Mexico, Ellen Sharp and Joel Moreno,

to file scouting reports on the plight of Monarch Butterflies,
and the Indigenous communities… as with Bonobo conservation, they know, to save the Bonobos, to save the Monarchs, we must save the people…
offer people  sustainable jobs of stewardship…
tis all one story…
Everything is calling us to join with Ellen and Joel, dedicating to Beauty, the Moon’s image is “Woman gives rousing speech on behalf of the Earth.”

“Some argue that we need to save monarchs because they’re economically important pollinators. But these wispy creatures are nowhere near as efficient as the chunky-legged bee or stolidly-snouted bat. No, the reasons to fight for the survival of the monarch migration lie in the realm of the spiritual and the aesthetic—to preserve for posterity a world where things of astoundingly awesome beauty can continue to exist.”

That we may all partner with what we love!

Butterflies and Their People:


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“Beauty v Cruelty”

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  1. Adaline Jyurovat says

    Did you know there are many studies done regarding children as well as wildlife/insects regarding cell phone towers; use of cell phones and computers by young children? There are also sites that dismiss the research as untrue. Here are just 2 of many articles. You may already have allies who have done the research or had experience with such things. There is also disturbing research on the effects of social media on children and adults.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations on Cell Phones, Cell Towers and Wireless Radiation

    Physicians for Safe Technology | Environment and Wildlife Effects

    May you be safe and well,
    A. Jyurovat

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