Atmospheric Inaugural Magic


Caroline welcomes the return of collegial Green wizard Jerome McGeorge, that we may delve into the guiding narrative of now… Participatory Astro*Mythology of On-going Inauguration. The necessary magic that comes in dangerous times, has been called in, now to tease its pertinence into the gargantuan tasks ahead.

Jerome McGeorge is an ally of richly cultivated, playful erudition

“a founding member of Coulee Region Organic Produce Pool (CROPP), the cooperative that owns the Organic Valley brand, and an old hippy straight out of the Summer of Love. One moment he is describing the revolutionary spirit of late 1960s San Francisco, the next he’s on to peak food, the price of organic milk in Europe, mission versus profit motivated enterprises, and the long, slow death of the family farm during his lifetime…” [Quote from Rootstock Radio]

Listen to his Visionary Activist interview on 12/31/2020


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“Atmospheric Inaugural Magic”

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