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Caroline welcomes forensic, clinical and cardiac psychologist, Steve Parker.
Dr. Parker is a Jungian psychologist and stone mason. He lives with his partner, Kornelia Grabinska (a Jungian Analyst), in a birch forest overlooking Fairbanks. He has lived and worked in Alaska for more than forty years, and treasures living on the edge of the wilderness. He has traveled and worked throughout the state, and has been the director of four rural mental health centers. For thirty years he worked as a forensic psychologist, seeing folks at the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital and Fairbanks Correctional Center.

He and his partner Kornelia have run a bookstore specializing in Jungian books (Silver Tree Books) and a toy store specializing in Jungian sandplay items (Happy Moose Toys.) They have taught numerous Jungian seminars, and helped start the C. G. Jung Society of Northern Alaska over ten years ago. He has been the webmaster for for many years.

He has been dealing with heart issues for twenty years, including a severe heart attack 20 years ago. Out of that heart struggle he has written a book and created a Stone Sanctuary. You can find also him on Facebook at:

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