Antidote to dementors is Mentors!

Waxing Full Moon Hail Mary- all for it- Awooooooo

Caroline re-welcomes collegial co-cahooter Seán Pádraig O’Donoghue

Democracy on the line; Antidote to dementors
is Mentors!

John Lewis, MLK,
and Joe Biden in cahoots with them…

Full Moon trines Joe’s Sun, whose image is: “King of the Faeries
deriving power from his domain.”

We support this part of Biden as part of our collective dream…Back-stage magic time…Engage all our skills.

With Skunk Cabbage

and Osha Root reporting in to help…

and gifts from the Otherworld…


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“Antidote to dementors is Mentors!”

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