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Anarcho *Entheo *Astro *Animism – Caroline welcomes return of Eddy Nix,

who ” plays a bookseller in real life and has many projects operating in the dream world.  He is founder and operator of Driftless Books and Music in Viroqua, Wi and was a founding teacher at Youth Initiative High School, and has a radio show on community radio station WDRT every Sunday.  He identifies as a rhizome, or a verb, depending on circumstances.  He has been many other things also.

Post Eclipse magic honoring ancestral mentors: David Graeber, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Kropotkin,   anomalous egalitarian city of Teotiohuacan….and the living mentors – Isabel Wilkerson, author of “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontent,” – the subject of Ava DuVernay’s profoundly pertinent movie “Origin,” And anything else to guide us at decisive time, that ‘Community’ eclipse ‘Cult’….


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