Americas Plutonic Solar return

For Americas Plutonic Solar return, Caroline welcome long-time political -spiritual ally, Pat Ewing, leadership mentor, sustainable energy guide, political strategist, that we may pluck ourselves up – somehow… The Scrotus Scotus… horrific decisions… and more


Patricia is the former Deputy Chief of Staff to Vice President Al Gore, Deputy Chief of Staff to U.S. Senator Harris Wofford (PA), Political Director for Governor Mario Cuomo and Business-to-Business Executive (NYS). During these tenures, she brought business and government together and created programs that were the benefit of both. Today, she helps businesses by combining complementary business sectors, capital raises, and growing relationships to benefit clients. She now creates business opportunity programs with this unique understanding.






“Americas Plutonic Solar return”

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  1. Stephen Zendt says

    Very much appreciated your guest Pat and her wise-woman analysis of the mess we’re in. Good deep spread of topics and events. It is actually possible that voters will NOT turn Democrats out in November. Pat gets that, I realize.
    Thank you, for woofing us along, Caroline!!

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