Agents of Accountability

Visionary Activist Show 4th of July.

“Speak to the Weary – a word that will rouse them” (Isaiah)

Let’s all be De-bamboozling Accomplices/Dark o Moon Magic US birthday.

So it comes to all of us-

To assume cultural narrative lead…

To be good Citizens, agents of accountability as sine qua non for democracy…Earth Citizens….Caroline welcomes these dedications in the human form of  Jamie Yeager, mythopoliticoword wizard diagnostician, born into a Texas ACLU populist tradition;   Incantational magic to invite in the protectors of democracy, that we all may wake up…


(Note: KPFA recording cuts off at 15 minutes, this is the full file)


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“Agents of Accountability”

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  1. It is refreshing to listen to sane people discussing this important topic!

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