Winter Solstice Astro*Mytho*Politico* Mystery Theatre


Caroline plays a portion of her Winter Solstice Astro*Mytho*Politico* Mystery Theatre – Tales of Trickster Triumphing Over Tyranny – Birth of Citizen Trickster in all our hearts!

(Recorded live in Washington, D.C. 12·20·2016)


Winter Solstice 2016 – excerpt

Full download available here:

Price: $23.00


  1. Lisa Canning says:

    This made me feel so much better, I’ve been so angry
    Since the election. Thank you, and blessings. i will ne making time to Play. Yip yip!

  2. Addi Jyurovat says:

    Wonderful ideas, some always need repeating (for me, anyway) like stirring the cauldron, using words wisely. I am amazed I never followed up on your mentions of Terry Pratchett, to read any of his books. At last, I put a hold on one at the libe. After reading about him in the Guardian, I can hardly wait. (I did buy some of the wonderful Janet of the Bunny Planet books.)

    I cried a lot after hearing you talk of the visit to Aleppo. Tears coming back as I write. Thanks for sharing vivid snippets of your visit. May a greater good come from Syria’s conflicts than we could ever imagine. Soon.
    Thank you for helping me deal with the madness that seems to abound via corporate US.
    Hearts and Hugs,

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