Big Miraculous Dream Blessings

Caroline hosts Jupiter and Neptune in the guise of NY Times headline, Carol Hoover, and Sarah James, Gwich’in elder, both indefatigable protectors of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -“the place where all live begins," as it is now, as the caribou are making their way back to Sarah now... Gwich'in edler, Sarah James embodies dynamic … [Read more...]

Protectors and Allies of Life

Yesterday was a busy Epiphany - Georgia earned miracle, storming of Capitol by Duck Dynasty, and the opening of bidding for oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which turned out to be "an epic failure." The assault on the Capitol was/is simultaneous with the assault on the Arctic. Caroline hosts, allies of life, Sarah … [Read more...]

Visioning & Action

Visioning & Action, a customized Visionary Activist Opportune Time. First half of show, we host Permaculture Action Network (PAN) wizard, community organizer, guide, Ryan Rising. Second half – Confluencing of all Allies! We welcome the return of Sarah James, Gwitch’in defender of Arctic Wildlife Refuge now under … [Read more...]