Symbiotic Mutualism (Mushrooms and Bees)

  Symbiotic Mutualism (Mushrooms and Bees): May we Humans be humbled by biological intelligence, into cooperating with Flora Fauna Fungi! with Paul Stamets,"Mycologist, Author, Inventor, Teacher, Earthling.” Caroline presents clips of Paul Stamets' address at the August 21st, 2017 Symbiosis Eclipse Festival… Paul's first public media … [Read more...]

Honoring Beauty & Loss

Honoring Beloved Team-mate Bob Gough, (who died on Sunday) *Will be offering the 14 Visionary Activist shows, Bob Gough Collection (down-loadable) as premium $100 and welcoming  guest Virginia Daley, great artist ally of Bob’s *offering 1 of 4 of her prints (posted below) for a pledge of $100 each (limited quantity), *for a pledge of $200 join … [Read more...]

Democratic Animism- Mushrooms saving the World- if we cahoot!

Dark of Moon-Dark of Year-Fund Drive Show, Caroline features mycologist Paul Stamets, author of “Mycelium Running - How mushrooms can help save the world,” “Psilocybe Mushrooms of the World: An Identification Guide,” and dvd "Psilocybin and Amanita Mushrooms: Discovering the Infinite,” all of which are being proffered as pledge enticements. … [Read more...]

How Mushrooms Can Save the World!

Caroline hosts great ally-micologist Paul Stamets, How Mushrooms Can Save the World! Bien Sur. KPFA is in Fund Drive, as magnetizing pledge enticements - we will be offering his products, and admission to his sold out seminar. Listen to The Visionary Activist … [Read more...]