The Story is in Our Bones

Caroline welcomes indefatigable Osprey Orielle Lake Founder and executive director of the Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN), Osprey works internationally with grassroots, BIPOC and Indigenous leaders, policymakers, and diverse coalitions to build climate justice, resilient communities, and a just transition to a decentralized, … [Read more...]

Scheherazade, Paris Climate Talks, Global Treaty, Guiding Unifying Story

Caroline hosts Osprey Orielle Lake, author of Uprising for the Earth: Reconnecting Culture with the Earth on her way to Paris Talks ( 11.30.15 - New Moon on December 11th). The Venusian Trickster Redeemer is getting ready to bound onto the world stage, in all our hearts. Order book here. Visionary Activist Show - 11-12-2015 … [Read more...]

Eleusynian Equinox – Climate Woof by Women

Eleusynian Equinox -  Climate Woof by Women, that we may come into collaborative balance with the Earth. "Million to one chances crop up 9 times out of 10, when your heart is dedicated." - Granny WeatherwaxLiz Sandford: "remember when life gives you demons, make demonade!" Caroline hosts:Rae Abileah - Climate Ribbon Project … [Read more...]