Protecting the Protectors

  “Indigenous People are on the front lines of planetary protection…” says Caroline’s radio guest this week, Michael Stuart Ani Michael writes: “hi Caroline Coyote, I’ve never been part of an action that spun around so quickly and am so curious. It has made me more aware of the possible magic coyote power in the media that you speak … [Read more...]

Talking Plants and the World

Caroline welcomes the return of Michael Stuart Ani, one of our best prepared guides to the Amazon, the war on life, and what we can do…in the Realm of Pragmatic Mysticism and Applied Divination. Michael Stuart Ani is a respected author and storyteller. His stories and knowledge of entheogens and sacred plant ceremonies are the focus of his book, … [Read more...]

Betting on Beauty radio!

Caroline welcomes the return of Michael Stuart Ani, as Liberating Beauty and Imprisoning Cruelty are neck & neck. We're betting on Beauty! Which requires us all to forge alliances with what we love, by becoming more like what we love, to protect as much life as possible. Become more like water - adapt the strategy of water, to protect … [Read more...]

Liberating Trickster Ghost Dance

“Better a Trickster than a martyr be” Liberating Trickster Ghost Dance: further animation of authentic guiding prophecy, as anti-dote to toxic mimic evangelical con, welcoming the return of Michael Stuart Ani… Authentic animism dissolving the toxic “wall,” in all realms… protecting La Lomita Chapel, on the border, and all that it represents. … [Read more...]

Plant Talk: Allying with the Amazon

The Plants, the Forests, Indigenous Peoples are in trouble, and eager to converse with us, that we may be allies, at this time of Dire Beauty. Guest Michael Stuart Ani - will be our co-cahooting guide. Michael Stuart Ani is an American writer, musician and explorer notable for residing with the Yanomami people of the Amazon rainforest. Author of … [Read more...]