Liberating Dis-Delusionment

Conversational Aikido-in the story storm, Caroline hosts Karyn Sanders, host of KPFA’s Herbal Highway, that we may diagnose "the Planet of the Humans” movie, and the reaction to it…And to invite in the necessary guiding voices."Only those serving an apprenticeship to Nature can be trusted with technology.” (Sir Herbert Read) Welcome Hue Hue … [Read more...]

Radio Medicine for the Wild Ride of Now

As recognition of the unfurling enormity of spookiness be upon us, how shall we metaphorically cooperate, what shall we ladle out of this cauldron of collapse? Caroline welcomes long time co-cahooter, Radio Medicine Woman Karyn Sanders, Host of The Herbal Highway on KPFA, that Sane Reverence assume Cultural Narrative Lead... Karyn Sanders has … [Read more...]

Astro*Botanical Participatory Kinship

Visionary Activist Show / Herbal Highway 2 hour cahoot - Radio Magic Astro*Botanical Participatory Kinship “Wheel and Deal barter back-stage - for on-stage miracles." 1pm-3 pm pt cahooting betwixt Herbal Highway host, Karyn Sanders, and Visionary Activist Show Weaver of Context, Caroline Casey, both shows 23 years on KPFA/Pacifica … [Read more...]