Fueling the Desirable Vision

Whatever is most needed now radio magic, Fossil fuels - fuel the war on life - we have ingenious solutions. And now more than ever-strategic incentive. We welcome the return of Biofuel renewable energy Guide David Blume, a leading proponent for changing our fuel system for the last four decades, and permaculture wizard ally. "Blume’s … [Read more...]

Green Wizardry!

Caroline welcomes the return of permaculture-distillation green wizard David Blume, mega-contributor to Rising Renaissance of Reverent Ingenuity (and fellow cahooter at the imminent Symbiosis festival www.symbiosisgathering.com As Venus returns from the Underworld, carrying the mojo of Symbiosis…. www.blumedistillation.com “David Blume, … [Read more...]

Awash in The Green Fire of Ingenious Solutions

Lunar Eclipse Easter Radio: Let war be eclipsed by cooperation with Nature's guiding symmetrical ingenuity.   Caroline hosts long-time ally Green Permaculture-Distillation Wizard David Blume: "house your friends and feed enemies." (We will delineate.) www.blumedistillation.com www.alcoholcanbeagas.com "David Blume, researcher, … [Read more...]