Archives: ‘The Public Trust Doctrine’

  Pertinent re-play from January 8, 2004 on defining the desirable future (and role of government)   Caroline with great ally, embodying environmental justice, executive director of Science and Environment Health Network, Carolyn Raffensperger, animator of The Precautionary Principle, and today’s focus: “The Public Trust … [Read more...]

Guardians of Collective Well-Being

  Let us be guardians of collective well-being & protectors of protectors. Dark O Moon-Eclipse in Big Mama’s sign of Cancer*Radio: Caroline welcomes Carolyn Raffensperger, among the very best effective advocates for Big Mama, composting the #waronlife into nutrient for Public Trust Doctrine (government as protector of common … [Read more...]

Prop 37: Mending the Fabric of Life

(John O'Donohue: "When the ghost of loss stands behind you…then may the ancestors place a cloak around you shoulders that will mend your life.") Query to molecular biologists on previous show:"Might cutting DNA be likened to cutting our connection to our ancestral guiding story?" to which the scientists responded "just so " So 4 cool women … [Read more...]

Raven Rattle Radio

"See, that raven rattle says, this is how we are, inextricably one with everything, however tricked, riding in fact on the back of trickiness itself." -William Kittredge Joining Caroline, to ride on the back of trickiness itself, are long-time allies Carolyn Raffensperger, Future Guardian, effective advocate for all us flora and fauna … [Read more...]