Solstice Reverie: Lighting Fires At this Time of Dire Beauty and Necessary Miracles

21 Dec 2015


Fellow Aspiring Agents for the
Compassionate Trickster Within Us All
at this Solstice Time of Dire Beauty etc.

The Venusian Trickster Redeemer is eager for incarnational invitation to bound onto the world stage. Uranus (Ingenuity Intelligence) stations from inward to outward on Full Moon Christmas Day.

The Magi call out – “it’s a girl!”

“What quality of this adventure would we like to cultivate in our dedicated hearts?”- the back-stage gods would like to know.

Trickster Training Council
Recorded on the Winter Solstice
December 21, 2015
6 PM Pacific, 9 PM ET

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Stella under tree

Climate Talks begin now, everything real, everything symbolic: our task as Artists of Atmosphere is to create the metaphoric climate to  come into collaborative accord with the literal climate, by dedicating ourselves to cahoot with Guiding Genius of Nature…

(who dons one metaphoric template as the Trickster, the quality of Intelligence that comes alive within all beings, at an against-all-odds-time.)

Nature says: “We gotta either kill the humans – or heal them. Let’s try healing them first.”

We’ll help them out by playing to their strong suits: gathering at Solstice Time to magnetize power to animate an irresistible, all-inclusive guiding meta-story.

The Climate Talks in Paris end on December 11th, a New Moon in Sagittarius (global story-telling) at the climate crisis degree (Sabian Symbol): “Men cutting ice for Summer Use- cyclical foresight, co-operative projects.” (and John Kerry’s birthday -let’s bless him with team accomplishment.) So Sane Reverence wants to happen.​


  1. I’d love to be part of the call tonight! It was fill me with great joy : ) how do I become a part of it?

    Woof woof!


  2. i found you last nite. i Akways listen to am radio at nite. however the radio was on your station and on fm. I am still so blown away from hearing you. I first heardyou say Gurdjieff in the first 69 seconds, and then i knew i was home. Well, i sure found out i Was hhome. I have not heaqrd anyone speak like you”capt for those Ark Angels i was so priviledged to encounter in the 60’s. My 1st grand Hero read the dictionary for 5 years and took apart words, derivation, prefexes, suffexes, and boy oh boy how i had to stand, and stay at attention to make sure i was perfectly communicating my thought to him. He wwould yell at me, right in my face,”Well, what are you saying, what do you mean?”, I would sputter til i got it right. So, hearing you last nite was beyong beyond. Truely. I still have so much to learn. I would like to get my horodcope done Taurus sun, Cap moon, and rising Mer, Venus and Mars in Aires. I fear , with 6 sets of borns, i am a real mess/ Alsp my 3rd son Sasa who is a Pisces March 17th/ I asked him to please be born on that day, and he was. He came out feet 1st, true {isces form And natural, oh accept for that shot of Ketamine after for a bit of repairation. But u do not need all this info, now. I believe i have a grand trine, sun moon jupiter and my life is so awesomely neautiful, excepy where i screw up, which seems to be always, and with everyone. Sasha will help me get te info to you, I have so been looking for you. I heard you talking about the planets, etx, and i knew you were the one to help me out. I can not figure out what is my plan, and it is getting late. I so look forward to you. I am 70, but i feel, and act about 10. I don’t tjhink i ever matured. I send you the best of the best. This day has been magical. I have te classical station on, chock full of Carols, and the Mighty wind bloweth here in Hollywood, CA. I am a warrior, Dukes are always up XXXXXSeena

    • please excuse all those mistakes. It is dark in here. I really wanted to sau Hi, and for you to know i want 2 horoscopes done, and will get it together. I talk to much, but eveything seems so interesting. I did not mean to tax you with my chatter. It is just what i do. See I am doing it again. Where is the shut off valve? xSeena

  3. oops Roger that.

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