Winter Solstice in Washington, DC

22 Dec 2017

Institute for Spiritual Development
5419 Sherier Place
Washington, DC

* December 22 · Winter Solstice · Doors 7 pm *

$18 reserved ticket, cahoot:

Price: $18.00

($20 at the door)

Astro*Politico*Mytho guiding narrative meta-story,

and ritual laying to rest of old year,

Honoring the Birth of the

Liberating Trickster Redeemer

(within and without)

whose first trick is Ladling the Healing Elixir

of Dynamic Beauty out of the Grief Cauldron

w/ Caroline Casey
and Tina Eck and Keith Carr,

“Lilt” great Irish musicians,
to bring the words alive… honor the ancestors and provide us with the fuel of “jaunty” whereby to navigate the Underworld, with defiant pluck.

7:33 pm

(Yes, everyone settled in by then, our precise departure time, cause the symbolic back-up is way cool)

doors open 7:00 pm

Institute for Spiritual Development
5419 Sherier Place N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20016


$20 at the door
$18 reserved ticket, cahoot:

Price: $18.00

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