Winter Solstice 2020

21 Dec 2020

Winter Solstice 2020

December 21st · 9 pm eastern

Online · Web or Phone

(audio only, cause tis deep dark Mystery time)

with Amikaeyla Gaston

Saturn and Jupiter conjoin this day!
setting the story template for the next 20 years…

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  • Yes, am up for cahooting, that our inner dedication – Saturn! magnetize outward opportunity – Jupiter!
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Whereby for us all to  honor the ancestors,

opening the portals of Reciprocal Blessing –

to and fro between worlds…


the Positive Saturn, Obatala, to enter into incarnational actuality.


Welcome! Osin, the keeper of all plant lore, 

all the Plutonic gods of fermentation and compost…


encourage all to  have a little cauldron,
or a drawing of a cauldron, into which we can toss things,
non-useful dread, into kind competence…
composting corruption into nutrient for democracy.
composting  nefarious creepitude of human thuggery
and bad bad manners or our rogue species-
humans humbly cooperating with Nature’s Guiding Genius! (aka Liberating Trickster)
Compost dread and loneliness into participatory animism…
Kinship is the cure for depression…
Saturn says depression and fear – still too shallow
go deeper:
the anti dote to dread, is deeper dedication…


Saturn and Jupiter conjoin at 0 Aquarius =
“Old adobe misson in the desert – being a cultural beacon.” 
(yes, yes, we note the colonial “mission” part,
while honoring the symbolic intent..)
We are Inaugurating an all inclusive irresistibly eloquent story,
that we may embody our definition of what it be to be a good planetary Citizen

Aquarius, incarnation of Saturn and Uranus –

dedicated boundaries are a sacrament to Community freedom,


We finale by spiraling forth blessings,

windfalls of wherewithal to all beings!

The more the merrier the magic!

Karla Ortiz


  1. Thank you, thank you!! So looking forward. Here’s to transformation at its our most elemental essential evocative expansive . . . May it be so!

  2. Hey there – I purchased a ticket for tonight, but didn’t get the ‘ticket’ yet… just another email to buy a ticket.
    What should I be looking for and when ? 🙂

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