Winter Solstice 2018

22 Dec 2018

Institute for Spiritual Development
5419 Sherier Place
Washington, DC

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Trickster Tidings of Comfort and Joy

a celebration of the Winter Solstice

with astro*mytho*story*maven

Caroline Casey


and Tina Eck and Keith Carr of “Lilt”

proffering Irish music,

deep beauty and jaunty pluck….


Performed Live Saturday, December 22nd

5 pm Twilight (just after sunset,

the magic between world time in faery tales…)


at Institute for Spiritual Development, Washington, DC



Grief expressed through art becomes a sacrament

of all embracing expanded kinship.


A gathering to honor all that has been lost in 2018,

as we toss the old year into the Cauldron

and ladle out defiant Joy, Liberating Trickster luck,

Sane Reverence, Democratic Animism…


Here be the Solstice, exact moment,

although, the Sun does not begin moving North again

in its rising-setting until around the 25th,

Hence Christmas…



This Solstice is notable for the waxing Full Moon

12:49 pm est on December 22nd

at 0+ Cancer-Capricorn –


To tease Big Mama’s protective

reverence for life (Moon-Cancer)

into the structure of our

collective governance


This is such a potent Winter Solstice Full Moon,

eager for our cahooting!


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  1. Rebecca Delaney says

    May I view this event online?

    • Eryn Alloway says

      I’m sorry – that wasn’t clear in the newsletter – “View Event Online” meant “View this information on the website”

      We do not (yet!) have a live broadcast option available currently for stage events.

      Sorry for the miscommunication!
      We hope to be able to offer broadcasts one day.

      Best woofy regards,

  2. Nancy Cadigan says

    Eryn, I too was hoping to view this event online. Thank you for your explanation.
    Happy Winter Solstice.

  3. Blessings on all of you present. Many of us would love to attend via video. Please let us know should one become available.

  4. Eryn Alloway says

    Wowza – what a great response! We will further ponder our options and continue towards this goal, as soon as possible

    Please post any suggestions for ideas, programs or platforms.
    (Would prefer for it to be most autonomous (not owned by Facebook etc) and minimally complex in set up.)

  5. I would love to participate in the online presentation if that’s possible, since I can’t come to Washington!
    Thanks for any info and many blessings,


  6. Adding another voice to the collective chorus of folks who would like to be present online.
    Alas I cannot be present in person due to eminent death of a loved one At this potent solstice time.
    Caroline! Check out this venue for a possible virtual offering.

  7. Barbara Bryer says

    I was also looking for a link for on line accessing Winter Solstice 2018 … I hope this becomes do-able in the near future 😀

  8. As above so below….. I would also love to hear/see this online and would be happy to pay should it become available.

  9. An audio would be as good as there. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  10. A blessing of fullsome, round, nourishing embrace for Caroline, for *astro*mytho*entheos, for wit and beauty of Co Operators seen and unseen. Thanks abounding. All love, tidings of joy and woof from here, your HighDesert Coyote Network News correspondent, Christy Wms Dunton

  11. Jacalyn Thompson says

    Hi Caroline, I was also excited thinking I could view online! Your events are always transformational and all of us that can’t get to Washington want to join you and share the event live! Thank you for always gifting to us a beautiful ceremony to honor this special time of year! I have been to many of your events and Solstice Gatherings and they always allow us to celebrate our deep connectedness and give us a great process to end one year and embrace the new year! I’m one of your Astrological Colleagues that celebrate your gifts!

    “And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that have never been” Rainer Maria Rilke
    Thank you for sharing all your gifts!

    Jackie Thompson

  12. Ditto. Would love access to video, and/or audio! Blessings to all for a New Year full of wonder, joy, beauty and much tricksterism!

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