Virtual Vernal Equinox Gathering

20 Mar 2013

We’re All in this Dream Together:

“Dreeing Our Weird” – “Playing Our Role In Destiny!”

at a Time of Dire Beauty

Furling that we may unfurl

Your Wish is Granted
A Virtual Vernal Equinox Gathering
with Caroline W. Casey
Recorded Wednesday March 20th

(a mere magic $13)

Yo Team o Public Dreamers,
Let’s gather in Reciprocal Blessing for Virtual Vernal Equinox

“Deliberate celebration of the change of seasons stirs the creative powers of the psyche.”
-Nor Hall

Let us convene telepathically for greater good…for We are All Dreaming the World into Being…
(All = humans, ancestors, coyotes, tardy grades, galaxies, ferns, better angels of our Nature, on and on..)

Each moment awaits our dedication to animate the desirable, to con-sider (“with the stars”) to avert disaster (“against the stars”).

Co-Operators Are Standing By!

So let’s meet these Co-Operators, and offer ourselves in deep dedicated playful, jaunty cahoots: Sun entering Aries, vitalizes Mars and Uranus, inaugurates the description and guiding strategy for this Season; engages the Uranus square Pluto fray, party, dance (take your pick) – the meta story of Collapse and Renaissance. Uranus, Trickster Intelligence, represents that within each of us that is an agent of the Culture of Reverent Ingenuity Rising from the Rubble.

For bonus points the 1st quarter Moon in Cancer, cahoots to remind us we are all kin.

& Grand trine in water…Neptune, Mercury, Chiron in Pisces trine Moon in Cancer, trine Saturn retrograde in Scorpio makes magical mojo manifest.
Jupiter and Uranus sextile, the two biggest path-openers in collaborative cahoots, inconjunct deep-deep Saturn in Scorpio, remind us to keep a jaunty tune when traveling in deep dark places, that we may be ever more effective players on the Team o Creation:
that we cultivate, animate, magnetize and spiral forth the most irresistible, all-inclusive desirable guiding blessing story into the Memosphere for good of all beings…

Woof-Woof Wanna Play?!?!!!!

P.S. all those who are enrolled in Trickster Training Council were comped to this event

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  1. I am trying to purchase a $13 ticket for the Virtual Vernal Equinox Celebration. What email do I use to send the money with Paypal? Thanks so much.

    Shelly Baldwin

  2. Barkat Rose Ferar says

    You are awesome and inspiring as a weaver of context- positive and heightened intuituve intelligen yet aware of the shadows in the depths and an artist with words.

    Query.: How can I loosen up, open up my thought forms enough to flow with the creative mind and verbal imagination with my words better for myself and those around me so that it is filled with creative awareness like you but not so much as they are dismissive because I am “too emotional” ? (I am a Sufi, a Waldorf -trained teacher , an active visual artist and used to be a weaver!))

    Blessing: May you be blessed always in your be- wondered kind , intuitive perceptions and service to us all through your truly amazing expression of the perceived conditions of our reality.


  3. Catherine says

    Thank you for your Equinox Offering, Caroline, and for your wise and upbeat wisdom.

    Will the call be available for replay if we are not able to be on the call?

  4. The gathering last night was inspiring and magical! I noted on the invite that a download of the talk would be available on the site afterward. I found a replay button but no download button. Will you please point me to the page and the download button?
    Thank you.

    • There are actually two links on the page. You can right click on the top one that says “Replay” then follow your browsers prompts to save the file,


      scroll down lower on the page where there is another, different style player (not as cute) right above the charts that have a more clearly indicated “download” link.

      Hope that helps

      Woof woof!!

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