Vernal Equinox Council

19 Mar 2024

Vernal Equinox Council

with Caroline W. Casey, Amikaeyla Gaston, & Seán Padráig O’Donoghue


Tuesday, March 19th · 9pm eastern / 6pm pacific (90~ish minutes)


by donation, up to intuitive whim

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Equinox event Tuesday March 19th
6 pm pdt, 9 pm edt
via zoom, via donation,
aligning with the Green Fire of emergent life….Rising Aroused——

With Nature pouring through us (feel free for all to wear Animal masks, Plant masks, Mushroom masks)….All Flora Fauna Fungi seeks to partner with us all according to ur customized affinities…

Caroline (entheo*anarcho*astro*animist – proffering the guiding participatory Mythic News with her 2 great co-cahooters:

Amikaeyla Gaston- bringing in the songs of grief and resilient joy, the songs and chants whereby to invite in the Orisha’s- the Intelligences of Nature….

Sean Padraig O’Donoghue, proffering the poetry, animal and plant allies to support, encourage our Vernal Voyage….


  1. Meoww,

    In your book you speak of: “Depression being too shallow..we must go deeper than Depression.” I love this and was wondering if you could talk more about how we can actually do that, and perhaps how we can use the Astrology of now (Equinox/Eclipse) to support this worthy cause. I have found the most appropriate definition of Depression to be the absence of Expression, and during this chapter of my life where there are concerns around safety in my home environment…I have come to accept that the Depression I am experiencing is here, for now. But I am WILLING to go deeper than that acceptance, deeper than that Depression, and am seeking guidance on how…


  2. Am donating hoping to receive recording and so sad won’t be able to partake in this fun masked event, but must attend City Council meeting in support of opposition of 5G tower at school. Otherwise would be online with all.

    I was hoping to read Caroline’s book before my reading but sold out. Any idea when more will be reprinted?

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