Trickster Redeemer Rising – Autumnal Equinox Talk 2010

24 Sep 2010

Private Venue
Dupont Circle
Washington, DC

Trickster Redeemer Rising
within us all
breaking the spells of the Reality Police for all beings!
(w/Violin by Julia Casey/Drums by Steve Bloom)

Magic is simply a willingness to co-operate with everything, and metaphors are the incarnational garb whereby power enters the world. Exchanging liberating metaphoric mystery for confining certainty restores our collaborative receptivity. This season invites us all to the realm of shape-shifting metaphoric agility to animate and magnetize an irresistible guiding mythos, and send it spiraling forth into the collective memosphere, the Trickster Realm of Cultural Influence!

Recorded September 24th, 2010 at a private Dupont Circle venue, Washington D.C.

Recording Available (This is an MP3 download).

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