Trickster Praxis

8 Mar 2024

Trickster Praxis:  The Astro * Mytho* Politico Participatory Guiding Narrative for 2024


with Caroline W. Casey

Friday, March 8 at 4:00 pm pacific on Zoom

Tickets: $20 ($15 for Praxis Members)

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From Praxis Peace Institute:

Caroline W. Casey is the host-creator and weaver of context for “The Visionary Activist Show” on the Pacific Radio Network. She fuses compassionate social activism with esoteric spiritual traditions and has a deep understanding of the myths that inform the way we live and the way politics plays out. She will talk about the Astro * Mythic * Politico Participatory Guiding Narrative for 2024. As Caroline says: “Let’s hone our requisite Liberating Trickster skills to be available agents of necessary miracles” or, as Wendell Berry encourages: “Be  jaunty, even though fully informed.” She has a degree in Semiotics from Brown University and is the author of Making the Gods Work for You.

In 2004, Caroline Casey was the final speaker at the Praxis conference, “The Alchemy of Democracy,” held in Pacific Grove, CA. She had just returned from Damascus, Syria. She appeared on stage dressed as Scheherazade and proceeded to weave the themes of the entire conference together into one seamless narrative that left the audience spellbound. Don’t miss Caroline! She is a master storyteller, a wizard with words, and a true weaver of contexts.

Join us for a Fun Program with the brilliant, witty, visionary activist, Caroline Casey!

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