The Moment: Coming and Going As a Human Community and Global Species

21 Mar 2015

451 Mesa Road
Bolinas, CA

Calling all those Willing to be agents of the Compassionate Trickster Redeemer
at this time of Dire Beauty

Magnetizing the Return of Harmonia via Pragmatic Mysticism, Democratic Animism and Applied Divination
(Mars and Venus are now birthing their daughter, Harmonia, awaiting our animation, to bound onto the world stage)

Michael Lernerastro*mytho*politico*talk*ritual*interview*

30 minute Carolingian talk, followed by conversational interview with Michael Lerner, co-founder and president of Commonweal.
Cultivating the Trickster Arts of Magnetizing Metaphor into Matter, irresistible eloquence, irony, satire, repost, rejoinder, repartee, metaphoric agility, mythological literacy, power of perspicacious precision language magic, cultivating our customized Trickster Redeemer,who guides us to move our emotional default setting to “woof-woof-wanna-play?!”

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