Summer Solstice Zoom Cahoot 2023

20 Jun 2023

Uehara Konen, Kojima Island


Saturn stationing now:

“calling in a new tide of cultural energy…”


Our dedicated blessings,

form our Vessel, our alchemical vessel,

in which we also set sail for this Summer Solstice


Summer Solstice – 

Dreaming with the Earth

on behalf of Flora Fauna Fungi 


recorded live June 20th 3 pm pdt/6pm edt

(27+ Scorpio rising in DC)


Sun quintile Chiron,

so the lineage of Mentors is attending,

and backing us up…


Saturn quintiles Uranus –

So our dedication is our freedom


Replay available by donation…

Up to generous intuitive whim! $23 encouraged, $5 minimum requested to keep our little team woofing along backstage. (Dedicated to Venus, iterations of 5 always appreciated... Or other fun numbers, up to autonomous desire...)

After sending monetary contribution (thank you!),

please do not close the Paypal window,

wait for the automatic re-direct to the Replay Page

*if the re-direct to the Replay Page does not work automatically within 20 seconds after payment or any other quirkiness happens, please contact us at as soon as possible after purchase and we will send you the replay page link directly. Woof!


Metaphor and Music are the incarnational garb whereby power enters the world, to animate the Earth Community’s Guiding Story


Caroline Casey

– inviting  Liberating Trickster word crafting (“linguistic precision guides the Vision”)


Sean Padraic O’Donoghue

– inviting Celtic Plant Lore (inviting in allies  St John’s Wort, Mugwort, Devil’s Club, Lavender, Psilocybe, and more)



Amikaeyla Gaston,

Orisha Songstress with the Music to conjure the mojo that our dedications incarnate into sensual actuality…

Calling in Big Mama! Yemaya! Oya! Obatala!


Yemaya, Mama Ocean, (unknown artist)



  1. Jean MacRobbie says

    From the immeasurable Universe, I coalesce the aspects of Divine elements that compose the physical body which is the best vehicle for Spirit, which I fondly refer to as me.

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