Summer Solstice

20 Jun 2022

Summer Solstice audio feast,

of Myth, Magic & Music

They being the incarnational garb whereby Power enters the World.

Beloved Accomplice Deborah Felmeth (cross-pollinating cultural agent betwixt Syria and Vermont, and more…)

and I are brewing our proffering…

Monday, June 20th at 6pm pacific / 9pm eastern

Replay Available

Donation~based, autonomy is a sacrament

suggested $23, any amount, upon intuitive whim – be welcome!

(variations on 5, sacred to Venus, be fun –
$5, $14, $23, $32, $50, $122… $500!?



Mercury Hermes


Summer Solstice, when Legba/Mercury/Word Craft Magician hands the Baton to the Moon….
Tis the Time when Big Mama,
really aroused now,
prepares, with us, to bound onto the World Stage…
The Sun enters Cancer, the incarnational realm of the Moon, at 5:14 am edt on June 21st.
For customized guidance, we query –
“where be the Moon then?” Delineating the Nature of our Summer Season Strategy
In Aries! ha-ha!  with Jupiter,
and Full of the Woof of the Woman Story-teller…
to liberate the entire circumstance…..



  1. SAIL ON

    Adrift in deep waters

    Rocked by endless waves

    On the ocean of time

    We flow through

    The unfathomable void

    Sail on …

    Which ever way the winds blow

    Look to the distance

    Take the long view

    Eye on the horizon

    Sail on … sail on …

    Take anchor in safe harbor

    Stars shine through

    The veil of night

    So full of light

    Sail On ….

    • William Dunn says

      I’m I’m

    • I don’t have a Website

    • Resonating resonating! Lost our house of 30 years on beautiful, magic lands of a ridge top, to wildfire. Two years out and somewhat still adrift flowing through the unfathomable. Yet! Tomorrow…the Solstice!…we move to the 3rd house in this process. We hope it will be our horizon and embracing landing pad. Taking anchor in safe harbor…to be happty again for the rest of the sail!

  2. How to get in? Call, zoom?

  3. Barbara Hodges says

    Have not received a link to tonight’s call. Will it be coming?
    Would like to be on live call rather than listen to recording.

  4. Same! I don’t have a link yet. Where may we find it? Thank you!

  5. Where is the link? Thanks

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