Mother of All Mothers Summer Solstice Solace

20 Jun 2020

Caroline Casey & Deborah Felmeth

calling all spirited trickster allies to cahoot with us in honoring this

Mother of All Mothers
Summer Solstice Solace


Astro*Mytho Virtual Recording

recorded live June 20th, 2020


Yes, I want to hum in accord with this historic time!

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George Floyd had his Mother’s name, Larcenia, tattooed
on his stomach. And now he lays beside her
in the cemetery in Houston.

His Moon exalted in Taurus when he was born…
(So much mystery, beauty, poignancy in his chart
– to be honored)

Solstice is when Big Mama arrives on the scene.

The Solstice will be Saturday June 20 5:44 pm edt

We convene (audio only, cause it’s spirits we be calling)
at 5:00 pm edt/2 pm pdt

So we ride with this tide
and preside

“Don’t you be so sad and blue –
you got Big Mama looking out for you!”
and there’s no bamboozling her, she’s seen it all.
And knows just what to do.

At Dark of Moon before next day’s New Moon Eclipse,
as Venus & Neptune be stationing,
Mercury hands the baton to the Moon, Yemaya,
Oceanic Protector, Respecter of Life
All the Mothers are being called, weaving dynamic peace,
in reciprocal blessing…

Dark of Moon is traditionally when community convenes
to direct the course of human culture.

Our Mythic selves resonate with Solstices
as potent time of ritual magic:
“O literal and symbolic light of Sun –
illuminate what we do not usually see
– this poem, these words, this painting
at the back of the cave.

For this is the desirable story
we choose to animate.”

Venus is in the underworld, preparing to return
with the gift of breath, and eloquence
in service to participatory kinship and blessing

long-time ally, fellow Dragon
Deborah Felmeth
Songstress, story-teller,
cross-pollinating agent between Arabic and Western Culture. 

Together we are conjuring a conversing to honor & animate with song, word craft, story the astro*mytho*politico guiding narrative for Summer 2020

Deborah says a wondrous shape-shifting perspective, so deft for now:
“In the West – we think of the future – in front of us. The past – behind.
In Arabic culture – tis the reverse.
We gaze at the past – before us.
The future, invisible, behind us, is determined by our remembering our guiding mentors.” 

This gazing at the past is so very now.

The history of the horrific past, to be fully seen.

Let’s see us stirring all “warrior,” language into the cauldron,
(can always ladle back out – if so desired)
and ladle out Guardian* Protector.

Strong enough to be Gentle. Calm-Weavers.

Thus – look! out of the cauldron! here comes
Liberated Liberating Big Daddy to dance
with Liberated Liberating Big Mama, within us all.

Mercury retrograde, remember.

Let’s re-member re-spect (“respect” = “to look again”)
Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn says
“All the guiding wisdoms of how to navigate the Underworld
that ever were or will be are here now. reporting in.”

It’s not – “What’s gonna happen?”

But what’s available…
to craft the culture of sane reverent ingenuity, at this
Time of Dire Beauty

Mother of All Mothers Summer Solstice Solace

Astro*Mytho Virtual Gathering Recording


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