Special Trickster Training Offer

8 Aug 2016 until 31 Aug 2016

Yo team o incarnationally coinciding allies

at this time of Dire Beauty, 

here is today’s Trickster missive for tonight’s council…

enjoy for fun, and/or consider enrolling,

where we will deeply delve, tonight,

and pretty much every Monday night 6 pm pt, 9pm et,

through this cuckoo year…


for Thirteen Weeks

(Seasonal Membership +Plus One Week)

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Cahooting with America

(and World)’s

Combo Psychotic Break / Renaissance


(take your pick)


The essence of Renaissance Conversational participation,

the sine qua non of our Liberating Trickster dedication is:


Critique and Blessing

ughh precedes aahh




So much guiding beauty, spice, and discernment, be available,

as Venus emerges in the West in Virgo, woof-woofing to us.

And for bonus points, the Moon’s adorable degree is

“Men toiling in a dark pit – a woman calmly lowers a rope.”


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Query or Blessing: