Solstice Full Moon Magic 

21 Jun 2024

Solstice Full Moon Magic

Recorded: Friday June 21st

Caroline Casey & Seán Padráig O’Donoghue

tis the culmination of our

Be Wilder journey to Solstice Sovereignty


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Where do we focus… (1st aware of the horrible…then focus on the desirable Beautiful resolution…)

Saturn stationing—that we be agents of accountability.

Binding- the harmful,  protecting the good….

Imagining the pewter shield of protection, around ourselves…and anyone, anything in need of safe self-possession… 


Tossing old vows that were once a sane assessment of how we needed to be- 

But then went blub blub blub into the shadowy depths, becoming binding spells,

identifiable, by any chronic (from Chronos- Saturn) kerfuffle in our lives….

Fun to find, but not necessary,

That we simply say, “if there be any vows I may have taken, that were once useful, but are no longer, I toss them into Pluto’s caldron, and ladle out some new, more fun vows….”


Seán adds: As the moon and the sun come into their fullness what do we want to bring into fruition? Our ancestors and our descendants and our wild and Otherworld kin are here to help us conjure our hearts’ desires. Let’s call on them together.


  1. I may or may not show up in real time because I want to go out and be with this full moon as it rises over the horizon–6:07 pm PDT. If so, I will catch the replay.

  2. Susan Hubbard says

    I don’t know why but I did not get the link when I spiraled forth

  3. Tina Dawson says

    I received an email receipt for my donation but no link for the ceremony

  4. I will be coming in late or watch the replay as we have an Astro zoom for our local group tonight-over at 9:00. Spiralling on….Love all that you do!

  5. After “spiralling forth” with a donation I have received no link to this evening’s ceremony …

  6. Sending positive energy to my friend Amy who had serious health challenges, which begat unemployment (after 2 decades as a teacher), which begat housing crisis. Gathering inspiration and creativity for her to help her mental state, ease her stress about her situation and help her become employed again and find her life purpose once more.

  7. Dayle Schweninger says

    The moon stays bright, when it doesn’t avoid the night.

  8. Mirya Dorau says

    I’m on the Beltaine to Solstice zoom link. Is this not the right one, or are we just running behind? Hope all is well.

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