Pre-Election Halloween Town Hall

20 Oct 2016

Open Secret
923 C Street
San Rafael, CA



Pre-Election Halloween Town Hall



Thursday · October 20th · 7:00 pm


Open Secret

923 C Street

San Rafael, CA

$20 Pre-register by Oct. 19 (Encouraged)

Or $25 day of/at the door

Call (415) 457-4191 for Reservations





Guiding Meta Narrative for Now


  1. Rebecca Delaney says

    Are more details on the town hall posted somewhere? <3

    • Eryn Alloway says

      Hi Rebecca –

      Topics are sure to include metabolizing poison into nutrient (aka how to keep your goat from being gotten during this tempestuous political season), astrological guiding wisdom intermingled with metaphorical storytelling, and how we might animate the desirable in the micro and the macro.

      – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

      Wooooooo! Pre-Election Halloween Town Hall astro*mytho*politico guiding meta narrative for now
      An Evening with Caroline Casey
      Thursday October 20, 2016
      Open Secret, San Rafael, CA (directions >
      7 pm.
      reservations $20 (encouraged) 415 457-4191 $20
      $25 at the door…

      and then —

      Friday, Oct. 21, 9:10pm – Flora Fauna 2016 (location: Exhibit Hall, Marin Civic Center)
      astro*politico*mytho guiding ststegic meta-story
      Host-creator of The Visionary Activist Show on KPFA/KPFK and the Coyote News Network, Caroline Casey will unleash her astro-mytho-politico storytelling.
      This time we’ll take a wild journey into the trickster as the keeper of democracy, electing Flora Fauna, and Voting for Reality.
      (included if registered for Bioneers, otherwise $20 at the door)

  2. We are nearby but I am somehow just now finding out about these amazing opportunities. Is there still room tonight and/or tomorrow? Is either event small enough that I/we could come shake Caroline’s hand? Thank you!

    • Eryn Alloway says

      Hi Kim!

      Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for updates on events and specials – – you can find it on the right hand navigation bar here under “Yes, sign me up for e-mail mythic news and Carolingian alerts!”

      Tonight at Open Secret is a small venue but there should still be room – you can call Open Secret directly at (415) 457-4191 to ask.
      Tomorrow at the Marin Civic Center Exhibition Hall (part of Bioneers Conference) is a larger venue – tonight is probably a better bet for post-talk conversation.

      Thank you for your interest!

  3. And is the event all ages, for, say, a very quiet 13 year old who would rather die than be noticed or cause a disturbance?

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