Post Cataclysmic Election Town Hall

15 Nov 2016

Open Secret
923 C Street
San Rafael, CA


Post Cataclysmic Election Town Hall


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Tuesday, November 15th

Open Secret,
San Rafael CA 94901



Joe P:Caroline:Yei

(Caroline being guided to the Yei, Divine Being, rock art,

by local spirit of Utah land, Joe Paycheck, with thanks to host Jenepher Stowell)



9/11 and 11/9 (Kristalnacht, and the Germans

redeeming that date by opening the Berlin wall on that day)


Better a Trickster than a martyr be,

Against all odds are the odds that Trickster likes.

Let’s crank up the synchronicity-improbability dial,

“Million to one chances crop up nine times out of ten,”

says Granny Weatherwax.


Paul Signac, 1890, Portrait of Félix Fénéon


The race is on, that dynamic beauty and sane reverence

may supplant the dominance of dunder-headed-despotic dementors of doom,

and that adorable and ingenious life may bloom in profusion once again

on the other side of this bottle-neck towards which we are all racing…..


Animating the Astro*Mytho*Politico*

*Navigational*Guiding Story for Now-

through November, into the wild Winter Solstice



vintage planets


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(and a grand time to consider cahooting on our Monday night Tele*Coyotes,

(via phone or web), cultivating the very Trickster qualities most skookum for now.)


  1. Hi Coyote Caroline,
    I don’t know if you remember me from the Great Mother 2013 conference, but Robin and I much enjoyed meeting you.
    I’ve been obsessed with the dunderhead danger for over a year now, and my gut/intuition told me true!
    Wondering if you have any astrological/mythological observations to add–other than “call to awakening”?
    I have a couple of pieces I’d like to send you on mythology of the monster, his anti-heroic qualties…
    I’d love to appear sometime on your Monday night telecoyotes.
    Warmly (in a cold season)

  2. So grateful for what you articulate~ I value your talks deeply. Your deep wisdom and humor~Many thanks! In addition Abraham Hicks I think you may find useful wisdom and practical magic in Orin’s books channeled by Sanaya Roman. I do bibliomancy with great success with those books for years~ always what I need to hear~ would love to hear your take on her… errr…..them. Continued success with a visionary activist show and love to the beasts that you habitate with ~Marilyn Joy

  3. Checkyouremailarchive Ifyoubotheredtokeepone says

    My dear Caroline,

    It has been several years since my brief but incredibly useful time in Trickster Council. I left abruptly before my membership was even up when a certain impromptu social media experiment/beta test became a Proof of Concept in Connecting and Relating in the Digital Age.

    In other words, remember that time my friends and I broke Facebook’s algorithm and Trickster Council crashed as well? I know I was sending quite a few dispatches your way in an attempt to get the word out as a local correspondent for Coyote Network News. I asked your permission to be called so and received no reply. I was a bit miffed, if I’m honest, but being a much more seasoned Trickster Redeemer Cohooter and having learned a lot more about how to pilot this exquisitely sensitive meat ship effectively, I completely understand.

    It amazes me sometimes the ways that the eye can look straight at something and yet glide past it as if it was never even there. Blending in and going unnoticed has always been one of my biggest superpowers. And The Divine Wisdom has the most wonderful ways of conveniently aiding the situation by redirecting missives to go astray at strategic moments….

    But now the fawn is losing her spots, and it is no longer safe to choose camouflage and stillness as my primary form of Self Protection.

    I’m learning to step into my own impending crone-stage badassery a few years early. Gotta test those wings before ya hop the nest, you know?

    So this morning I when I scored a particularly MASTERFUL silvertongued Truth With Deflection Combo In Service Of The Highest Good, I knew I was channeling the wisdom of Caroline Casey’s Lineage of Trickster Redeemer juju.

    And by my way of reckoning, that absolutely DEMANDS a tip in your tip jar.

    Only I couldn’t get to one on your website.

    Your Patreon levels are restructured for recurring donations only. You may consider adding a tier that allows the pennies to trickle in, or the financially, numerically, and energetically savvy cohooters to give a particular amount or an especially effective blast while there is an energetic multiplier effect in play. Which was my intention was in visiting here today.

    So then I tried clicking on the donate button near the bottom of righthand toolbar and it brought me to the Query or Blessing form rather than a donation form.

    Instead of the sacred sum I had in mind to send your way at the time of a critical decision point while the coin was still turning in the air (MAJOR TRICKSTER BONUS ACTION MOMENT!!!)…

    You got the also very sacred sum of 0.

    And I know that it is of absolutely no matter to the workings of the unseen.

    Because it happened BOTH ways to them.


Query or Blessing: