Pluto Stationing Friday the 13th

13 Oct 2023

Pluto Stationing Friday the 13th Dark o Moon

before eclipse Carolingian birthday Council


Friday the 13th

7:30 pm edt

4:30 pm pdt….

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(by way of reciprocal blessing woof-woof to Caroline – on her eclipse birthday eve – “yip-yip! Cahoot! yip-yip-cahoot!” the trickster owl hoot)

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Well there be so much with which to cooperate, and invite to this birthday party council,

and bring a conundrum you would like to be liberated….

Pluto stationing  – now-direct

Direct 9:10 pm edt Oct.10th…

Pluto always reminds us that “demons are dangerous and volatile in direct proportion to the force of their exclusion.”

Back-stage reverie, from many traditions that know spooky,

encourages dancing with the demons…

In Aikido – don’t block – guide!

In actual total eclipse….

As the Moon begins to cover the too bright light of the Sun, the temperature drops, the winds come up, striation bands sweep in rapid rhythm across the land…birds roost, fish sleep – spooky. Primeval fear of life source light  -dimming

By analogy:
Before eclipse – October 14th
wild combustible primal spooky….

At the moment of totality, oft people drop to their knees in orgasmic awe…the dazzling Beauty of the coronal necklace of solar flares, the stars, the planets that had been hidden (Mars, Mercury and Venus would be visible for those in this annular path.)

After eclipse possibilities of dynamic accord can be perceived…

Tis why tis opportune to gather now

in Visioning the impossible necessary miracle to be ladled out of Pluto’s Cauldron of conflagration…




  1. Most needed cahoot and Caroline’s insights; blessings on and for all at this heartbreaking moment…

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