Oregon Eclipse August 2017

17 Aug 2017 until 21 Aug 2017

Oregon Eclipse Festival
Big Summit Prairie
Crook County, Oregon

Symbiosis · Eclipse Viewing Festival

Caroline and Amikaeyla will be co-MC-ing

 the Hub Stage from August 17 – 21st


 & Caroline will be animating

‘Bodhisattva Coyote’s

Trickster Renaissance Council’

Tuesday, August 22nd at 2pm at the Festival 

Oregon Eclipse 2017

Big Summit Prairie, Crook County, Oregon

(whole event lasting from Thu Aug 17 – Wed Aug 23)

See all the Keynote Presentations at the Festival

Eclipse Festival Grounds Map


About the Solar Eclipse

Tickets and more information about Oregon Eclipse Festival 2017



  1. Kàthleen Batson says

    I am in need of tickets for this event as it is my birthday the eclipse is directly on my nàtal sun having trouble entering lottery online can do the $420 amount or more if that is what it takes may cooperators be standing by
    Let me know if you can help can send money. Thank you

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