Vernal Equinox Talk at Open Secret Bookstore in San Rafael

20 Mar 2015

Open Secret
923 C Street
San Rafael, CA

Equinoctial Comedic Cahoot of Mars and Venus, 7 of 7 Uranus-Pluto Square Tour

Calling all those Willing to be agents of the
Compassionate Trickster Redeemer
at this time of Dire Beauty

Magnetizing the Return of Harmonia

via Pragmatic Mysticism, Democratic Animism and Applied Divination
(Mars and Venus birth a daughter, Harmonia, awaiting our animation, to bound onto the world stage)
astro*mytho*politico*talk*ritual*revival meeting
Friday March 20th, Solar Eclipse, Vernal Equinox, Persian New Year

Recording Available now:

Price: $23.00

We finale with Coyote Trickster, tossing all non-useful dread and dominance into Pluto’s cauldron of re-birth, and ladling out spirals of blessing into the memosphere of Reverent Renaissance Rising from the Rubble….


  1. Greetings on the Ides of March . . . . woooooo
    I’m still wondering about the March 26 event/lunch/tea that was the premium for a donation to KPFA. Is that still in the stars? I have a friend in Novato who will attend as a gift from me (if it’s still happening). Thanks for clarity. Merry Meredith (whales say hi). 301-807-8288

    • yes yes…will send info to you for your friend in Novato… twill be 5 pm on 26th at Culture in Berkeley (hope that time and rush hour etc… are ok for her…otherwise we shall figure out something else for you/her..)

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