Magnetizing Metaphor and Music into Matter Mojo

21 Oct 2014

Impact Hub Oakland
2323 Broadway
Oakland, CA


Caroline will be performing with Climbing Poetree at the Oakland Impact Hub.

impact_hubOnly $20 ($15 Impact Hub Members)

Tickets are available here.



  1. Hi there,

    I’m wondering what time this event is over please.
    and is there a special rate if you are low on funds?

    • Caroline W. Casey says

      alleged start time 7 pm, organizers eager to speak to our crowd, may dilly-dally till 7:30 pm, We all be low on funds, feel free to plead case at door…And a windfall of wherewithall to all beings.

  2. Naomi Lombardi says

    Hi Caroline,

    I’m looking forward to this event in Oakland. I’m a story teller – re-inventing a transformational mythology of Crossing Persephone’s Threshold. I tell the story of my mother’s journey depression as a sacred path toward wholeness. I narrate her journey through the madness of the mental health system of the 1960’s – in what I call, “MYTHOLOGY TURNED PATHOLOGY” when her post partum depression was interpreted as a sickness that could only be cured with electro convulsive shock therapy and psychotropic meditation. Watching my mother dance with the insanity of modern psychiatry, at age 8, I vowed to find out what could have helped her. If my mother would have been living in Southern Italy, where her mother immigrated from, the family would have noticed that she had been “bitten” by the mythical bite of the spider, and that she had fallen into a “melancholy.” The only cure? Dance! The family would have summoned the musicians and come to their home, where the “initiate” or the one who was “bitten” could dance to break free of the poison of duality (my interpretation). Pro-serpina or First Serpent is in my opinion, the path to awakening from the slumber of duality, she desires to re-member who she is, the woman bitten is called
    TARANTATA and the roots of this modern day (religious) festival can be traced back to 6th century b.c.. with the ecstatic maenad dancers depicted in art from ancient Southern Italy. The Tarantatas are honored in two modern day festivals still celebrated in Southern Italy. WE all have a story in our heart – a story of finding out who we really are. It is encoded in our DNA. My mother did recover…but oh what a journey for both her and me. I tell this story with great love and devotion for my mother – and for the Great Mother- encoded in my heart,
    a story of deep aliveness and transformation. SEE YOU TONIGHT IN OAKLAND. NAOMI LOMBARDI

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