Magnetizing Beltane Mojo – Open Tele*Coyote 5.6.13

6 May 2013

Magnetizing Mid-Spring More the Merrier Mojo:
Shadow, Evil, Redemption and the Metaphysics of Cultural Renaissance

Yo Team o, cahooters, aspiring fellow agents of the Trickster Redeemer, following many of your encouragements, (always open to suggestion) we opened up Trickster Training this past Monday night’s call:
Recorded: May 6th,
6 pm PDT, 9 pm EDT,
our True Beltane Grace, Mid-Spring

Recording now available at a nominal, magical fee of  $14…

To listen to the recording, pay via the PayPal Button below then register in the Trickster Training screen that you will be redirected to (you must complete the registration to listen to the call).

Truly the More the Merrier for the Deep Magic that seeks our willing*wondering*engaging.
Demonic Mega-Spring Cleaning!
and more!

pre-eclipse, dispelling demons and Hungry Ghosts, personal and collective, re-combobulating the discombobulated co-cahooting cavort.

Dark of Moon back-stage:We honor, prepare for, align with, Thursday’s new Moon Eclipse in Taurus on Ascension Day;

(Why not?! Green Fire Up! Deep Roots Down!)

preview of coming attractions:

Authentic Pentecost Sunday, animated as beginning of Grail Legend, which was put on “pause”. We hit “play.”

Uranus Pluto square…getting closer…yea! Eek! (May 20 th)

Monday’s Tele Coyote offers to us, for animating, an exact Sun quintile Neptune, one of our favorite profferings, irresistible metaphoric agility.

Neptune trine Saturn (just past, the gazillion oppositions, whew, sailing down the silver tongue of calm, in the middle of the rapids, towards the “Lake Bathed in Moonlight, from which a Powerful Dragon Emerges.”) Images especially eager and lined up for incarnational creative expression.

So, you may sign up to listen to the re cording of this one session (link above),
or what the hell, carried along by enthusos, sign up for 3 months

or a year

And because it is such an auspicious time for convening council,
I am offering an astro*special, this week only (through May 12, 2013), of a one hour session for $200 (even, if you’ve not yet had a session with me), convening the Full Council of You! “to cultivate, animate, motivate all of our Medicines, that we may contribute them to the Community of Creation in a manner that is replenishing.” (= one of Jupiter’s definitions of wealth.)

Sign Up Here and Use Promotion Code: BELTANEMOJO on checkout. You will get a $100 discount off the regular fee of $300.

(offer expires MAy 12, 2013)
and remember, we are dedicated to moving our emotional default setting to:
“Woof-Woof- Wanna Play?!”

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