Liberating Astrology Council (Making the Gods Work for You)

7 Mar 2023


High time for

Liberating Astrology!


honoring what be liberating in this language, and

liberating astrology from that which would tame it….



5 week Council Cahoot Course

guided by the Chapters in “Making the Gods Work for You”


Tuesdays: March 7th – April 4th

6 pm et/ 3 pm pt (video council) (& recorded)


That we all come alive, with all of our skills,

to be participatory agents of Liberating Woof,

at this Time of Dire Beauty…


by max dashu


So for the 11 First Responders,

I will immediately send you your hard-back-first edition

Making the Gods Work for You,

And a 40 minute astro convening with me…

to tease all into customized pertinence…

First group · 11 participants · All filled up!


We have room for more,

opening our doors to welcome this enthusiastic response

a physical copy of the Book is not included,

nor the 40 minute reading…

but plenty of welcoming woof…


We will make sure everyone gets the weekly chapter…

And all in the council will receive (for free)

the (new · in process now) E-book copy 

of Making the Gods Work for You


Join Liberating Astrology Council 

Council is in progress yip*yip! 

Stay tuned to our newsletter for future councils! Sign up here.

1. First Council March 7th – Full Moon in Pisces

& for bonus points Saturn moves into Pisces (not since 1994)

“The escape artist is in the Time-Keepers box.”

We’re really here now

introduction to Visionary Activist Astrology…

Think of our lives as a spiritual detective novel

and Saturn – the God of Cool,

in-sourcing our authority (and as we do this, we suck the chi out of tyranny.)


2. Second Council March 14th – Outer Planets

Outer Planets, aligning with the Change Gods,

the keepers of collective cultural and biological conversation..

Pluto – “Let go of control – so real power may enter the world”

Neptune- “The Dreams That Stuff is Made Of”

Uranus- “Becoming Sacred Clowns, agents of Liberating Trickster”


3. Third Council March 21st – Equinox & Jupiter

(Vernal Equinox day before –

New Moon in Aries today at beginning of Zodiac)

Jupiter “The World Belongs to the StoryTellers”


4. Fourth Council March 28th – Inner Planets

Mars “The Power of Fierce Compassion”

Venus “The Redemptive Power of Beauty”

Mercury “The Magician”

Moon “The Power of Memory To Create The Future”

Sun The Confluence of Allies
“Hail to the Sun God
He is a fun god
Ra Ra Ra!”


5. Fifth Council April 4th – Finalé

everyone, everything, everywhere all at once


And of course we shall be teasing all into participatory pertinence with unfurling world events…



  1. This sounds like such fun! I am jumping at the chance… perhaps under the influence of Venus and Jupiter in Aries.

  2. Neal Carbon says

    Looking forward to being with you Caroline. What fun to swim in the mythological ocean together with everyone.

  3. Hello Caroline–I have dreamt about you being my teacher, and maybe this is the opportunity. If I study astrology from anyone, you are my first choice. Is this how I sign up? From my end, it is a yes. I hope this sends the ball into your court, Renée

  4. Erin Gilmartin says

    What an honor it would be to work with you. I’m so excited at the possibility! Does this count as an entry? If so, I’m in 🙂

  5. OK, I’m in, and would love a hard copy of your book and join another trickster session with you! What do I need to do?

  6. Sally Sweetland says

    Hi Caroline! Am very excited to join… but not finding the buttons to press on the site to sign up? Green blessings!

  7. I take it the course is full. If so, happy for the people who go on this journey.

  8. Greetings!
    Will you please put me on the waitlist for Making Gods…Council?
    Thank you,

  9. Whoops! I see where to send waitlist request.

  10. Greetings! Oh, darn! It looks like the course is full. May I please be added to the waitlist? Thanks! Carmen

  11. This seems wonderfully exciting, please put me on the wait list.

  12. I’m interested In Signing up.

  13. Donna Hansen says

    Would love to join in. Thank you 🙏

  14. Kim Bick-Maurischat says

    Sign me up!

  15. Yet another Sign me up! is fully Present…

  16. Requesting to attend. I do not see a sign up area, just this comments section. Kindly advise next steps. Thank you.

  17. Allison Campbell says

    Oh this is fun, just wandering in here. And it seems there are no buttons , just a query/ blessing box! Ah well and wishing wells, if this puts me on the waiting wagon, far out/ if not have a great time you guys! You are a wonderful teacher Caroline and this sounds like a fun run.

  18. Gloria Jorgensen says

    This sounds fantabulous, Caroline! Rats. It seems to be full up. Please put me on the waitlist in case my magical spot opens up. I’d love to have a signed book, but I do have 2 copies, so I mustn’t be greedy. And I do have one reading paid for and on tap, so it makes sense that reading time should go to others. Still, I would love to participate. Please let me know if a spot opens up for me. Blessings and Woof Woof fun to all.

  19. Please sign me up when there’s a place 🙏

  20. Lesly Black says

    I join the enthusiastic would be participants! Will ther be a recording? That would be more than a consolation gift for which I would gladly offer payment in exchange. Is possible?

  21. Please add me to the wait list

  22. Kristin Pomykala says

    Would love to join in if a spot opens up

  23. Debra Hardy says

    Please add me to the waiting list. I should have checked my emails sooner! Dang

  24. Sara Beth Cooper says

    Please add me to the waiting list! xo

  25. Adrienne says

    Ah – been waiting for this!! Replying with a hearty ‘WOOF’…but there is no where to sign up on the site?? Can you please advise? (Sent an email earlier…will try here as well!) Was hoping to be among the first ‘11’…though that moment may have passed?
    Is there still space to Cahoot???
    Love & blessings…wishing you a peaceful & beautifully blessed day!

  26. woof

  27. Sounds awesome!
    I can’t find the link to register 😅😅

  28. Sandra Mastromonaco says

    I wish to participate 🙏🏻❤️

  29. Count me in if possible.

  30. Gloria Hesseloff says

    Today is May 9, 2023. I truly adore Caroline’s work. I was so sad to see I missed this glorious council I was in the midst of moving. Is there a way I can get a recorded copy of it plus any of the handouts
    I am so disappointed that I missed this wonderful program. Is there any way I could buy a recording and any accompanying handouts

    Caroline touches my soul in a way that is truly liberating

    Please advise

    Gloria Hesseloff

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