LA Conscious Life Expo “General Workshop”: Reverent Renaissance Rising from the Rubble

9 Feb 2013

LA Conscious Life Expo
LAX Hilton
Los Angeles, California

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Calling All Trickster Agents of Collaborative Culture – for Dark of the Moon, Chinese New Year, pre-Mardi Gras Council to meet the Co-Operators (who) Are Standing By!

Now is the time for the Trickster Redeemer, within us all, to come alive, in resonant relating with the resilient ingenuity in Nature.

Opportunities Abound: the energy invested in collapsing structures is now liberated and available for dedicated animation; the protoplasm of reality especially receptive to imaginative imprint. Pluto squares Uranus. Mars, Neptune, Mercury Chiron conjoin in Pisces at this dark of the Moon, providing the strategic choreography for cultural renaissance, and the playful sizzle whereby to be magnetizing messengers of the desirable.

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