Imbolc ° Trickster Training Council

4 Feb 2019

Imbolc ° Trickster Training Council 

This evening’s Trickster Training was a special council
with brilliant al-kemi maven Micah Nilsson
to celebrate Imbolc / True Candlemas

at Mid-Winter, when all the exiled deities
of liberating collaboration with Nature light their candles,
and begin ascending up from the Underworld – and we with them…

Micah Nilsson proffered her deep knowledge of Brigid, Healing Herbs
and emerging from Underworld… Dandelions held on high!


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From Micah:

“This week marks the ancient Celtic time of Imbolc, the festival marking the midpoint between the winter Solstice and spring Equinox. Catholics celebrate the feast of St. Brigid during this time, which connects back to the more ancient dedication of Imbolc to the goddess Brigid.

Candlemas, too, falls in this week, and as a celebration of the purification of the Virgin Mary; this, too relates to Brigid as the ruler of both purity and fertility.”





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